This is a engagement at the most important feature of the sector. There are civilians on the planet and they need to be defended from the invading fleet.
(S0.1) NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2; the Attacking player and the Defending player.
TERRAIN: Any sector-wide terrain affects the whole map. There is a class-M planet (P2.21) at 3716. If the defender is Hydran or the terrain is a gas giant, then there is instead a radius-4 gas giant (P2.22) at 3716. If the terrain is an asteroid field, then there is instead a small moon (P2.23) at 3716. The planetary bodies do not rotate.
ATTACKER: Each unit within 3 hexes of 0615, facing the attacker's choice of B or C. WS-III, speed max. The attacker sets up after the defender. If every unit of the attacker has the campaign "Stealth" trait, then the defender starts at one WS level lower.
DEFENDER: Each unit within 3 hexes of the planet's surface, facing the defender's choice of E or F. WS-II, speed 6. Ground stations must (collectively and by type) be spread as evenly across each hex-side as possible. Any base(s) in orbit are exactly 3 hexes from the planetary surface and located at defender's choice, orbiting clockwise. Rotation speed is at the defender's choice. The defender may start at WS-III if they have a scout unit.
YEAR: Use the current year of the campaign. This will define the availability of refits, drone speeds, and other items.
(S0.3) LENGTH OF SCENARIO: The scenario continues until all forces belonging to one side have been destroyed, captured, or have disengaged.
(S0.41) MAP: The map will float. Any unit that is greater than 50 hexes from the planet has disengaged and cannot return. All units can disengage from any map edge.
(S0.42) SHUTTLES AND PFs: All shuttles and PFs have warp booster packs and all shuttles are advanced types it the year selected allows their use.
(S0.421) MRS shuttles may be purchased [up to the limits in J8.5)] under (S0.431).
(S0.422) If using EW fighters, use the standard deployment patterns (one EWF for each squadron of eight or more fighters) for EW fighters.
(S0.423) PFs may appear in this scenario if used by either player.
(S0.431) Each ship can purchase additional or special equipment as Commander's Option items (e.g., T-bombs, extra marines, etc.) up to 20% of its Combat BPV.
(S0.432) Drone speeds will depend on the year selected for the scenario.
Each drone-armed ship can purchase special drones up to the historical racial percentages as part of the Commander's Option Items. Note that (S3.2) allows drone ships extra points for this purpose.
(S0.433) If players wish to use the optional rules for Prime Teams (G32.0), each player may have one such team at the cost of 25 Commander's Option points.
(S0.44) REFITS are available depending on the year selected.
(S0.5) VICTORY CONDITIONS: Victory only depends on who holds the field at the end of the battle. A player who still has ships or bases (not shuttles or PFs) on the map and all forces belonging to the opposing player have been destroyed, captured, or have disengaged, is the winner of the encounter.
(S0.6) VARIATIONS: There is no situation where the scenario can be played under different conditions.
(S0.7) BALANCE: There are no options where the scenario can be balanced between players of different skill levels.